BySan Francisco 49ers

4:02 PM - 19 Sep 2021

It wasn’t pretty, but the pulled off the 17-11 victory over the Eagles with notable performances from Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa. Takeaways from 👇

  1. Takeaway; the QB change needs to happen yesterday. This short field 5-yard playbook isn’t sustainable.

  2. Eagles Dline is good and they didn’t have time to push it down field. Jimmy played efficient and did what had to be done to win. Was he perfect? No he missed open throws, but Trey wouldn’t of been able to do much better

  3. C says:

    I’m glad 49ers pulled it out.

  4. Nobody thinks eagles were offsides on very 1st play? Instead of 4 yd loss would have been 1st and 5. I know, pretty insignificant. But seemed to set tone. Wish a coach would have at least yelled about it.

  5. Yeah I saw that too. Alex Mack was tryna call for the flag. Also 2 PI on Norman which were BS. We got lucky that Jimmy’s last sneak to close the game wasn’t delay of game but he balled out today 22/30 (73%) 2TD 200Yards and 4-4 on Crucial QB Sneaks. Oh and two 90+ yard drives.

  6. But as uk purchasers of , it was blocked and we couldn't see it. Really glad for your victory but watching tweets of the scores isn't the same.

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