ByAna Cabrera

10:59 AM - 18 Jun 2021

“Without a doubt this is one thing I agree with Senator Cruz, he would be a tough opponent.” – TX agree with Cruz saying Matthew McConaughey would be a “formidable candidate” for Texas governor.

  1. Beto orourke should be the next Governor

  2. Lol is everyone Ok? Cruz is saying that because the moment McConaughey is asked questions on actual governing, he’ll embarrass himself. No one even knows where he stands because he himself doesn’t seem to know 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. We don't even know which party McConaughey would run with, so by all means, go with Beto.

  4. § says:

    So reps WANT him to run? Isn't that a red flag?

  5. A wise and triumphant story about an actor. His little instruction book will need revising.

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