ByBig Brother Daily

1:32 PM - 20 Sep 2021

Azah- If this is such a hard decision for him to make, the decision can be made for him but he doesnt want to do that either. Xavier- That's what I'm saying. You (Derek) say you want to make a decision. I'm giving that to you on a silver platter

  1. Xavier to Azah- If Azah goes home, I'll be fucking pissed. Your (Derek's) emotions make me feel like I dont even want to trust you with that decision. I'm trying to help you out but you are not giving me enough to where I feel fully secure in you making that decision

  2. Xavier to Azah- If I really feel like you (Derek) arent willing to pull that trigger, I am not leaving it up to chance. I will pull Azah off and she will pull that trigger

  3. Azah evict kyland then evict X she deserves to win

  4. Just use the veto on Azah and get this over with

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