ByBig Brother Daily

1:37 PM - 20 Sep 2021

Xavier to Azah- We need to keep him (Derek) happy, make sure if I leave things the same that he is going to do what he has to do. If I get any type of inkling that he is not going to do that, then I am not going to give the option to him

  1. why dont u just let azah do it

  2. Uma says:

    Just do it like NIKE !!!! What’s the problem man!!!!!???

  3. c. says:

    or just use the veto on Azah and forget about delusion4l fl0p

  4. Like why is this so hard for him? I understand he wants Ky's vote but he did put him up AND didn't return the favor or saving him w/ POV.

  5. Lol this season is in hell. Justice for Tiffany and Hannah.

  6. Welcome to the game Xavier I’m impressed having AZah think twice about taking big d to the final 2 . Love the conversation he had with good games play

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