ByBig Brother Daily

1:38 PM - 20 Sep 2021

Xavier to Azah- At this point I want to sit him (Derek) down and say whoever wins gets to pick. Fuck the deals. Whoever wins, gets to pick who sits next to them. I have not gone against you once, I ask you to do one thing, and you are hesitant. It's a rather easy decision

  1. Very true. Shows what a bad player Big D is. He should be amped up thinking what a big move ( which would be his only move) in the game getting out Ky is. He could use it as a pitch to jury if in F2, since it would be his only pitch- he’s got nothing else

  2. Lmao which ultimately would still be him taking credit for someone else's move since X won both HOH and Veto and has to delegate this 1 task. Kind of fitting actually

  3. I don't understand this comment to Azah. Yes, that's how it works. Whoever wins gets to pick. This isn't some revelation.

  4. He’s just saying that he was going to stick to his alliance with Big D. He wasn’t planning on taking Azah to the final 2. (Lol he knows he’s going to win to make the pick)

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