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1:42 PM - 20 Sep 2021

Xavier to Azah- For this week, I am going to continue to make Big D feel happy, make him comfortable with the decision he has to make, and after that maybe we can all sit down and have a discussion

  1. umm if azah gets evicted y'all won't be able to have that conversation... don't play

  2. Said it since week 2. The final 2 will be Xavier and Azah.

  3. Kyland shoulda taken Xavier out when he had the chance during the double eviction

  4. Azah confirmed she lied to Hannah during the double. She had no intent to vote out X. Ky's PoV win had no bearing unless DF was on board to keep Hannah as well, which he was not.

  5. Lmao, what 'conversation' needs to happen at F3 with this stuff? It's like Ky probably trying to throw DF a 'pity' vote in the end...what's the point?

  6. No even better take azah off and make her vote out someone haha

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