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1:46 PM - 20 Sep 2021

Xavier to Azah- I'm asking him (Derek) to do something that benefits him more than anybody and he is hesitant. I was like maybe I need to reevaluate this final two

  1. Xavier to Azah- If he (Derek) is not willing to do the last thing that needs to be done and Azah has been completely on board, I was like why is it if I win that I shouldnt even give her consideration? Something about that in my core feels wrong to not consider it

  2. Azah to Xavier- I feel you. I share similar sentiments. I see the hesitancy and the doubts. It's like damn, you going to send me home before Kyland?

  3. Not him openly telling her abt their final two deal. I mean it was very obvious before but this is new.

  4. Uma says:

    He’s said it to her before

  5. ً says:

    he just told her they have a final 2?

  6. Uma says:

    I hope he is serious. I don’t want DF F2.

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