ByBeau of The Fifth Column

8:01 AM - 18 Jun 2021

Let's talk about the reaction to Juneteenth....

  1. If having two holidays in summer is a problem for Charlie Kirk, wait 'till he hears about all the other seasons.

  2. The people against it should work that day and give up their holiday pay in protest …

  3. I work in a shop of MAGA cultists...there was some very "colorful" crying in here this morning.

  4. Pretty sure the troops didn't deliver the news to slaveholders (like e-mail), but instead ensured the illegally held people were freed (like an army). I imagine the slaves had heard the news already as well, but of course had no recourse. Am I wrong?

  5. June 19th is the day the army made it to Galveston and informed the white folks. The slaves in Texas weren't freed that day... Not all of them. It was a long, guerilla campaign against plantation owners who wanted to wait and not set anyone free until they were forced to...

  6. I had a good day till I heard the name of the guy in the video. Then I spilled my coffee afterward. This is on you, Beau.

  7. However I love the PSA not to waste your time or energy to look him up! Good advise 👍🏽

  8. I love the way you put that. The Declaration of Independence is a work in progress and we need to finish making good on those promises.

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