Before you destroy Jason and Judge, remember it’s always about execution. Barkley’s eyes are impatient right now, not quite where he needs to be.

  1. The film does not lie! Love these bic sessions!

  2. It doesn’t. Problem is the majority of the film shows Barkley, Booker & Penny running into a wall with nowhere to go at all. Luckily Eli is 250. He can make his own. The other time they opened a hole he broke out for 40+.

  3. What specific play is this on? Please don't tell me it's anything after the Bradberry pick.

  4. That has happened often with Saquon over the duration of his career. Needs better vision.

  5. While I agree with players need to execute , the person who was executing all day was Daniel Jones. So yeah I’m still gonna be upset with the coaching and conservative playcalling.

  6. But haven’t his eyes always been inpatient? One of the biggest knocks on him, his entire career… Maybe having Booker on the field for this situation would’ve been a better route?

  7. Penny should've been in the backfield one way or another. He is a plus yards back, where Barkley is a homeowner threat or 1 yard kinda back.

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