ByKeiana Martin

11:56 AM - 20 Sep 2021

The O-line has allowed just 7 quarterback pressures over the first two weeks of the season. That's the LOWEST mark in the NFL. Two members of the 49ers were among the team's top performers vs. the Eagles. Here's a look at the rest:

  1. What is Garropolo’s release time compared to the NFL average?

  2. Or is it just that they are playing the lions and the eagles ?

  3. Mesmo assim o Garopollo sofre pra fazer o ataque andar…

  4. Not sure how this is graded but anyone watching yesterday’s game would say Philly D-line won the battle. Shanny had to call lots of screens to get them to slow down. This is a very misleading headline.

  5. and yet the NFLN just spend 1m and a half talking over them.That s ok.The boys will spread the message to them as well

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