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9:15 PM - 20 Jul 2021

Dana White shares what he knew about Conor McGregor ahead of the trilogy. | Full story:

  1. This is a bullshit story, I know this because he's been playing touch butt in the park, that should provide the ankle mobility to ward off any kind of inflammation. Nice try though

  2. Conor clowned RDA hard when RDA pulled out of their scheduled fight due to a broken foot. Karma.

  3. But Conor never has pulled out of a fight? Him knowing his acl is torn still fought and won Conor knowing he’s ankle is messed up still fought he doesn’t pull out

  4. My foot was a balloon... I've had arthritis for years... Doctor stoppage! Doctor stoppage! For the love of god just once admit a loss! Congratulate your winning opponent!

  5. No because Connor publicly said “ask Dana”. Joppa laws prevent employers and doctors from revealing medical information without your knowledge or consent.

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