ByLady Frost

9:11 AM - 18 Sep 2021 from Nashville, TN

Donโ€™t take for granted how incredible wrestling is right now. I wrestled for NWA a few weeks ago, IMPACT this weekend, you can watch me fight in a cage on IWTV tonight, and my husband is fighting Lance Archer for a Butterfinger title belt tonight. WHAT?! Wrestling. ๐Ÿค

  1. I have watched wrestling for about 35 years and I have NEVER been more excited to be a fan than right now. The ability to find great talents and great matches is unparalleled.

  2. On a personal note, you and your husband are special people and I love seeing you get your shine. Wishing you nothing but happiness and satisfaction!!!

  3. Man, I hope I get a Butterfinger belt for Halloween while trick or treating.

  4. A lot of great wrestling promotion out there. The more wrestling the better.

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