ByMick Foley

1:12 AM - 20 Sep 2021

Within FOUR reviews of hitting 3,500 reviews on That’s THREE TIMES MORE than ANY other wrestler or athlete - including MLB, NBA, NFL, UFC, etc. If you’d like to help me hit that goal - and give someone a heck of a gift, go to

  1. My wife got me your cameo for our anniversary last month, she woke me up in the middle of the night because you had such a fast turnaround and was so excited. It goes down as one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.

  2. If there's ever a Bright side of the ring series, we know who's gonna be the subject of the first episode

  3. Off topic, but you were fantastic on Heels this week 🔥

  4. My friend sarah got me a cameo from you when my mom past away 2 months ago and it was probably one of the biggest surprises I’ve ever had ,you were so genuine and kind your words have helped me. So thank you sir!

  5. AWESOME!! Congrats!! It's no wonder, you work really hard on those AWESOME videos!

  6. This is well worth it. My wife got me a Mick Foley cameo as an early anniversary present. Mick took a very generous amount of time to make the message personal (we both have kiddos on the spectrum) and didn't rush like some (many) do. I would highly recommend. Thanks Mick.

  7. Hey Mick! Been a huge fan since i was a little girl! I wanted to say that as someone who struggles with mental illness and suicidal thoughts that i admire your work with NAMI so much! Ty for giving back!

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