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8:00 AM - 18 Sep 2021

. explains why he’d rather have Justin Herbert over Dak Prescott.

  1. Bigger, stronger arm, more athletic, younger, cheaper contract and higher ceiling.

  2. “We do not care”. Not sure why this is even being debated…… dak is a Dallas Cowboys for the next 4 years at least abd Herbert will be a Charger for years. This a stupid debate. Just stupid. Quess they have nothing elseto talk about.

  3. Can someone tell Bucky that Dak is (6-12) in his last 18. One was a lucky onside kick vs Atlanta another against giants and the rest against the EAST. EMPTY CALORIES. Brotherly love is protected. Yep rip on cousins Wentz Jones Ben Fitz flaco but not allowed for black QB

  4. Because he wants the clicks from angry cowboys fans.

  5. I'd rather have either one over Ben Roethlisberger

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