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1:30 PM - 20 Sep 2021

“Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have caught up to the Kansas City Chiefs.” —

  1. I wouldn't go quite that far. Very good win for Lamar and the Ravens, but the Chiefs gift wrapped it to them.

  2. Ravens spotted the Chiefs a minimum of 10 pts (pick 6 and interception in the end zone). KC was handed the gift. Face it...the KC defense is suspect at best.

  3. Team A doesn't win if Team B doesn't turnover the ball. Here's the problem with that narrative, TOs are a part of the game. Hell, Lamar gifted the Chiefs a pick six, then he felt so generous that he gifted them another pick.

  4. Raiders look to of have the jury is out in Denver. Baltimore had a lot go there way in that game I’m not sure in a rematch they pull it off

  5. Lol . Yea ok. Chiefs were up 11 when mahomes got arrogant and threw that pick . I’m sure they will meat in the playoffs. They one by 1 point at home . Stop it

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