ByShow Me The Crypto

6:39 AM - 6 Sep 2021

The 40th episode of Show Me The Crypto is a big one! We were honoured to interview Charlie Lee (), creator of . Litecoin turns 10 next month, so we discussed how the industry has evolved over the past decade. Full episode 🔥:

  1. should eventually be at .25 or right now over $12,000.00 if stays at 50k so it's about 50x undervalued compared to the market. The monthly chart is finally turning over after 2 years and I am hoping we are in the .01-.02 range in the coming months! Lets go!

  2. Great interview guys! It’s always my favorite to hear litecoin’s story. It’s such a fair, decentralized, & amazing crypto currency. Charlie Lee 🙏

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