5:20 PM - 15 Jun 2021

Averaging a triple double can’t even get you all-nba lmao while making the playoffs. Most taken for granted player in the history of the NBA.

  1. voting has become fan-appeasing. That's it. Kyrie over Westbrook is criminal. Dude literally would just up and quit on his team mid-season.

  2. Kyrie is making tough shots, having a 50-40-90 season, while Westbrook is ruining a lot of possessions with his atrocious efficiency. Not to mention the fact that Westbrook had horrible start to the season.

  3. future generations will lament this sentiment in future documentaries, but will they ever mention his atrocious efficiency that lost his team endlessly? 22 pts on 19 shots on average yikes

  4. Russ refused to tank or even sit out this year they were 3-19 and he told his we aint missing the playoffs players are not built like russ

  5. Definitely gets a lot of disrespect for no reason. If Beal made it Russ should have as well

  6. 6th in rebounds and 1st in assists it’s ridiculous but as russ said not surprised

  7. Only guard in top 25 in rebounds. 41 percent corner 3. Turned the entire culture of franchise around in 1 season. Russ played ball in wrong decade. He would have been considered one of the best to ever play if he was a 80s guy.

  8. Every guard named was better than Westbrook, with Bradley being the closest. He didn’t do much until the last quarter of the season.

  9. G M says:

    I love Westbrook he's heart soul and energy...but that shit don't win games HENCE where he's sitting right now! At home watching bball like my non basketball playing ass. It looks GREAT on the stat sheet but he doesn't win enough. Not sorry you stans

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