1. Tom Brady has four touch down passes this half. Bears have three touch down passes this *season*.

  2. 2nd week in a row the have gone against a team missing their entire group of starting CBs & haven’t been able to do a damn thing with it.

  3. Pretending that Matt Nagy’s record means anything, is ignoring how they’ve consistently played in games against top teams. Again, this is who the are under Matt Nagy. Terrible offense & unprepared/overwhelmed against top teams.

  4. This will be yet another game/reminder of why Matt Nagy cannot stay the HC beyond this year. His offense is awful & his teams get boat raced against top competition regularly. This is who the are & have been under Nagy for the majority of his 4 seasons.

  5. Fields sacked on & fumbled on 3rd down. Barrett destroyed Simmons there. 2nd turnover of the day & things are going to get even uglier.

  6. Bucs take the interception & turn it into another TD. getting dominated (as expected). Down 14-0 with 4:37 left in the first quarter.

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