1. Derek- I am always open to having discussions and conversations with anyone that has any questions about decisions or things that I have said. Keep in mind you might get a big fuck you and I dont care, cause that's my personality

  2. Derek- If people like me, I appreciate that. If people dont like me or arent a fan of me, I hope that I change your mind one day. I understand that everyone is not all going to like the same thing in life

  3. Derek- I always wonder how America receives me. Does America like me? Do the fans like me? I hope. I am just being myself. If you dont like me, I completely understand. I am not everyone's taste or flavour, and I'm also a big guy so I am a lot to handle

  4. Azah to Xavier- That was his (Kyland's) biggest mistake putting her (Tiffany) up and sending her home. I think Tiffany, while she might have talked shit about him, was on his side

  5. Azah- Tiffany was a damn good player. Xavier- Tiffany played the game but she also played too hard. Azah- She did play too hard but she played a game that probably to me would have been enjoyable to watch. Xavier- I'm sure the fans enjoyed it

  6. Xavier- If I feel like Big D is not going to pull the trigger, I will pull you down. Azah- I appreciate that. Xavier- If I feel Big D can do it, I will be comfortable letting him do that. After that, you and I can have another discussion when we are on a level playing field

  7. Azah to Xavier- I feel you. I share similar sentiments. I see the hesitancy and the doubts. It's like damn, you going to send me home before Kyland?

  8. Xavier to Azah- If he (Derek) is not willing to do the last thing that needs to be done and Azah has been completely on board, I was like why is it if I win that I shouldnt even give her consideration? Something about that in my core feels wrong to not consider it

  9. Xavier to Azah- I'm asking him (Derek) to do something that benefits him more than anybody and he is hesitant. I was like maybe I need to reevaluate this final two

  10. Xavier to Azah- For this week, I am going to continue to make Big D feel happy, make him comfortable with the decision he has to make, and after that maybe we can all sit down and have a discussion

  11. Azah to Xavier- The other thing he told me is Kyland said he deserves to be there. If he won the veto, he would have deserved. I dont give a flying fuck what you think you did in this game. The people who deserve are the people who won HoH and won the veto

  12. Xavier to Azah- At this point I want to sit him (Derek) down and say whoever wins gets to pick. Fuck the deals. Whoever wins, gets to pick who sits next to them. I have not gone against you once, I ask you to do one thing, and you are hesitant. It's a rather easy decision

  13. Xavier to Azah- We need to keep him (Derek) happy, make sure if I leave things the same that he is going to do what he has to do. If I get any type of inkling that he is not going to do that, then I am not going to give the option to him

  14. Xavier to Azah- Him saying he has carried you...nobody is saying you (Derek) havent done things but I dont know that the things you are claiming to do that people are taking seriously

  15. Xavier to Azah- If I really feel like you (Derek) arent willing to pull that trigger, I am not leaving it up to chance. I will pull Azah off and she will pull that trigger

  16. Xavier to Azah- If Azah goes home, I'll be fucking pissed. Your (Derek's) emotions make me feel like I dont even want to trust you with that decision. I'm trying to help you out but you are not giving me enough to where I feel fully secure in you making that decision

  17. Azah- If this is such a hard decision for him to make, the decision can be made for him but he doesnt want to do that either. Xavier- That's what I'm saying. You (Derek) say you want to make a decision. I'm giving that to you on a silver platter

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