1. What happened to the Chiefs from a coaching/strategy/execution standpoint? They look like complete dog shit. And totally lifeless. You’d think this was Week 17 and they were 4-12 playing out the schedule. Just an unbelievable swoon over these last few games.

  2. Welcome to the 2021 NFL season, Josh McDaniels! Glad the kidnappers from August returned you unharmed.

  3. Great Red Sox season, they scrapped all year. Genuinely fun team to root for. Bats finally died at the wrong time and Cora went ice-ice-ice-cold last 3 games. It happens. Houston was better. I give this season 3 1/2 stars.

  4. The Red Sox should have pretended Eovaldi was hurt so they could delay the game for 15 minutes to mess with Garcia.

  5. Predictions for worst omissions… —Bernard King —Bob McAdoo —Dennis Johnson —Dame Lillard —Nikola Jokic

  6. Why didn’t the NBA just grandfather in the 50 at 50 list and then have the panel vote in 25 new players for the 75th? Why stagger the rollout of the list for 3 days when 50 guys were never changing? This is so bizarre!

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