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  3. I used to judge people harshly. Everyone in my world is strong or weak. That's how I saw the world. You are strong and persevere, or you are weak and you are overcome. God showed me what it meant to be weak, and I felt great humiliation for the disdain I felt towards others.

  4. Have been running PPL for last couple years. making the overdue switch to Upper / Lower Have never tried it before but today’s Upper was $ ( s/o ) As I’ve increased my attention to 🥊 , 5 gym seshs a week (two push & pull, one legs) isn’t realistic Over and out 👨🏻‍⚖️

  5. have gotten a few DMs that our email blast has been going to spam pls check spam folder for update if you are on our email list and are interested in joining our Discord

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