1. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that. Virginia McCaskey didn't purchase the team with her own money & put in place a winning structure with her own money like Robert Kraft or even the Glazer's who turned the Buccaneers around. This was all handed to her. BIG difference!!!!

  2. When the McCaskey family inherited the Chicago Bears, the team's success went right down the tubes as George Halas' influence faded away. Virginia McCaskey is a sweet old lady, she loves football, and loves the Bears... but she's not her father. We cheer for an INHERITANCE.

  3. George Halas was the savant. Halas was 318-148-31 as a coach. He won Six NFL Championships as Head Coach. He was 8x champion as owner. And the 9th championship (1985) was a team that he put the front office & coaching staff in place before he died in 1983.

  4. If the Bears can manage to go 9-8, we're in the playoffs, most likely. Those late season games, quite often, are a battle of attrition. Those games are won by the healthier team, so we'll see how the Bears look, and these other teams look, health wise. We CAN win 6 more.

  5. So, the question is, do I see 6 wins on the remaining schedule? vs San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings Maybe.

  6. It's the same issue every year, the offense. We have a rookie inexperienced QB. We have a bad offensive line. We suffer from some bad play calls. But this is just who the Bears are at this point.

  7. The Bears went 17-2 vs Tampa Bay from 1982-92. There were no Chicago Bears who yelled at fans about how they "owned them" during any of those ballgames. Because beating the Bucs clearly wasn't some big achievement at the time. Just like beating the Bears now isn't a big deal.

  8. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were former division rivals of the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears led the lifetime series rivalry 40-20 heading in to today's game. Historically the Bears have owned the Bucs... but the Bucs didn't have Tom Brady for 39 of those losses.

  9. None of us can see the future, so who knows how this Justin Fields thing plays out... But 2 concerning developments so far: He is capable of a 5+ turnover game. He consistently holds the ball at least a tick too long, so you better build a really good offensive line.

  10. Justin Fields turned the ball over so many times in this game, it was honestly nice to see a punt instead of a turnover... even though... why aren't we just going for it on 4th down again?

  11. And the Bears remaining opponents? San Francisco 49ers, @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, @ Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, @ Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, @ Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, @ Minnesota Vikings. You like the final 4 match-ups, but BRUTAL.

  12. That's 5 turnovers for Justin Fields now... and the questions will now begin for some people. He just threw it up and didn't lead Allen Robinson far enough. Total disaster.

  13. You can't consistently win on defense alone. Those days are long gone. You look at a game like this as evidence. In order to compete consistently with teams like the Bucs, your offense needs to be your best defense. If that QB & offense can't keep pace, this happens. Period.

  14. Second ball that has gone off Mooney's hands today. That one turned into an interception.

  15. Mooney's drop leading to Justin Fields' 4th turnover in the game is a microcosm of Fields' rookie season. Sometimes you see young QB's with low ceilings, who see early career success & fizzle out. You'd almost rather see your young QB face adversity & get better because of it.

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