1. And tonight, just now. In this, the NBA’s 75th sesson, With a guy who is my buddy, the 18th highest all-time scoring guard in NBA history, known then as “All-World” when he played back in 1975 to 1988. Now he is the quintessential Sixers ambassador… World B. Free

  2. Here is a pic from a playoff game last season, taken at halftime, with a dear friend. Truly a Sixers and NBA legend… “A small forward from UMass… #6… Julius… The Doctor… ERRRRRR — VING !!!!!!!!”

  3. All work and zero play would make Adam a dull boy. So, I am courtside in Philadelphia on this Friday evening, for the opening home game of “my” really fabulous 76ers. When you’re not rooting for your team, hey, why not cheer for mine. GO SIXERS !!!!!

  4. Encouraging box office news keeps rolling in! We need to sell more tickets still, but Oct 1 - 21 had the biggest 21-day “domestic industry box office” since the pandemic closed theatres early in 2020. Yo, prophets of doom for the future of cinemas, a positive sign

  5. Praise be! October movie ticket sale results show cinemas are finally on the rebound. First two weeks of October “domestic industry box office” grosses are more than $300 million and the biggest 14-day total since February of 2020, some twenty months ago.

  6. As we’re one big family, I share with you 2 of the 7 most terrifying minutes of my entire life. CEO of Vail, in 2007 I conducted the incredible New York Philharmonic to an audience of 1800 people. Then, only the second amateur ever to do so. So much better I stick to my day job!

  7. I am proud to announce that permanently will offer some Open Caption showtimes each week. Well marked on our web site and mobile app. A real advance for those with hearing difficulties or where English is a second language. And right in time for Eternals from

  8. This is so cool. Wonderful things happen for ⁦ guests⁩. Daniel Craig and Rami Malek surprised our moviegoers just before a sneak peak early screening of NO TIME TO DIE at the AMC Burbank ⁦⁩ screen. in Burbank, California. The name is Bond, James Bond.

  9. A big weekend coming for ? On Saturday Oct 9, AMC features the new fabulous James Bond movie, the second weekend of Venom, the Fury Wilder heavyweight boxing match live from Las Vegas and the Metropolitan Opera live from NYC. That my friends is something for everyone!

  10. James Bond’s No Time to Die smashes ticket sales records across the Atlantic! In the U.K., Saturday ticket sales set a new one-day record for any Bond movie ever, dating back to 1962. Highest Bond day in 59 years. To the “sages” predicting the decline of cinema, choke on that!

  11. Sincerely and humbly, it is the honor and privilege of a lifetime to work for so many of you. YOU, who are the owners of . It is so energizing to have your trust and support. Your affection and passion for AMC gives me the drive to achieve and succeed on your behalf.

  12. I’ve received more Happy Birthday wishes this year than in the rest of my life COMBINED! I guess that’s because you all are so interested in , and are watching so closely what we’ve been doing to steer this proud 101 year-old company back to glory. Thank you so much.

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