1. A bit about me: my name is Chloe Stothers, my pronouns She/Her, i have asthma and mental health issues eg anxiety, depression and panic attacks. "I AM BRAVE I AM BRUISED I AM WHO IM MEANT TO BE THIS IS ME" I can give compliments but cant take them xx

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  3. I enjoyed the first episode of tonight its interesting cant wait till the next episode tomorrow night. And for the main character DI Venn to be gay thats some good representation πŸ‘Œ and Pearl Mackie is great in this too

  4. Ok now this is getting really weird 😳 now olivier knows about ed all of a sudden. Maybe ed told him. Is Ed playing them off against each other. Im confused is ed a figure in her imagination?

  5. Omg how strange. Whats just happened? Has Ed been killed, did he try to kill olivier and couldn't do it? Is ed in on olivier's plan and he will tell angela he fought the intruder off. We are trying to piece this together

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