1. Top 6 greatest tennis players ever according to my very unbiased book : 1 Roger Federer 2 Rod Laver 3 Bjorn Borg 4 Pete Sampras 5 Novak Djokovic 6 Rafael Nadal

  2. Mercedes' top speed in straight lines is a total joke, even with DRS open Verstappen can't get any closer ffs

  3. Mo Salah scored 6 goals at Old Trafford in 2021, pretty sure he's among the top scorers in Man United's stadium this year ?

  4. Yeah the Salah agenda is done now. He’s legit the real deal. One of the all time greats.

  5. Bruno is dropping a 9/10 performance but slandering him on this platform is cool apparently

  6. Penalty and tap in for Messi brings GOAT shouts yet when Ronaldo does it he's covering a disasterclass and is a tap in merchant. Unreal double standards

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