1. A few people decide every important legislative issue in DC behind closed doors, and the media are constantly carrying on about which one should get his or her way—and to what extent—rather than excoriating congressional leaders for destroying our representative system.

  2. I received a draft of the audit report yesterday. There was a small, but critical merge issue & a few lower severity problems. I should have the final report early this week, after which I will update the schedule on Overall, things are looking great! 🥳

  3. Intolerance and the ruthless self-interest of political parties have so damaged the foundation of nationhood—the willingness to cooperate with one's neighbor—that I fear we have already witnessed the failure of some the greatest states of our era. We just don't realize it.

  4. *What is Litecoin's "MWEB?"* Intro: 1) is closely approaching its second major deviation from Bitcoin--the first being Litecoin's implementation of SegWit prior to BTC in '17 and, the second being (Mimblewimble Extension Blocks), which is nearing its release.

  5. My wife teaches an exercise class in a place with unreliable signal, so I need something to replace the offline videos/music feature. I know a number of services like this exist, but I'm looking for recommendations. Free is great, but paid is fine too.

  6. Regardless of whether you think everyone should be vaxxed or not, anyone who praises the firing of millions of otherwise loyal employees for standing on principle, deserves every bit of the Hell they're unleashing upon us. The upcoming recession is likely to dwarf the '08 one.

  7. Consensus positions are almost always flawed. Notice there’s no “Electron Consensus”. No “Genetic Code Consensus”. No “Periodic Table Consensus”. Why? Because the phenomena are so agreed upon you don’t have to rope folks into statements. Not true of climate, trans, or vaccines.

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