1. America has reached a crossroads. Extremism, division and conspiracy now threaten our quality of life and democratic republic. In Utah, we have a better way. It's more compassionate, selfless and independent. That's why I'm running to represent Utah in the U.S. Senate. Join us!

  2. Extremists want you to think comity is dead. It's how they divide us and hold onto power. But when I travel across Utah, I meet voters of all political stripes who are hungry for the same things; affordable health care, strong schools, and a brighter future for our kids.

  3. It’s deeply troubling that so many of us in America have given up on fair political competition, instead resorting to overturning elections and limiting opponents’ voting access. Freedom requires accountable government which requires our constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

  4. 🚨STOP SCROLLING🚨 Team, we’re getting close to the end of the month and we’re still short of our fundraising goal. If we’re going to win this race and fix our broken politics, I need your help. Retweet to spread the word.

  5. You don’t secure elections by stifling voting rights. You do it by making sure everyone’s voice is heard -- including those who disagree with you.

  6. For too long, our problems have gotten larger while our politics grow smaller. Today, that disparity is wider than the Grand Canyon. If we don't correct our course now, what kind of country are we going to pass on to our kids?

  7. I’m a patriot who doesn’t answer to any political party. I’m an American who put my life on the line to protect this country. I’m concerned that our leaders have lost their way and are dividing rather than uniting us.

  8. I read Colin Powell's autobiography as a young man. It strengthened my love of country, inspired me to public service, taught me the value of immigrants, and sensitized me to matters of racial injustice. He was a tremendous patriot, who put the country first. He will be missed.

  9. What kind of world will our kids grow up in if our leaders in Washington can’t get it together? It worries me and I know we can do better — and it’s one reason I’m in this race.

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