1. cry cope cope cry cope cry carson is a human and humans change wah wah but that doesnt fit into my narrow minded worldview about how anyone who disagrees with me is a bad person!!!!!!!!!! fuckin sick of you ugly ass 13 year olds, go back to sucking your mothers teet

  2. apple juice is better than orange juice and I will kill to prove I am correct

  3. Derek Chauvin got 22.5 years, which is very clearly not enough for a murder in broad daylight in front of children, it's astonishing how after so much rioting that the bare minimum of justice has been served

  4. waah waah Carson is going to therapy and this hurts my narrow and childish world view waah waah

  5. the proves we can all be equals united under the josh code of honor and law we need to make this an annual thing and really make something more than a one time joke out of it, but alas I cannot partake in the fights for I am no josh all hail king josh

  6. justice has finally been served for Floyd, but this isnt just the end of the fight for racial equality. this is the start of the new generations progress forward!

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