1. BREAKING: Judge rules mob members shot by Kyle Rittenhouse cannot be called "victims," but can be referred to as as "rioters, arsonists, and looters" during his trial, which kicks off Nov 1

  2. YouTube deletes rapper's 'Let's Go Brandon' song claiming 'medical misinformation' Big Tech wants to LITERALLY control what we think and see!!!! I’m tired of seeing their tyranny go unchecked, we need action NOW.

  3. Twitter has suspended my official account for posting a statement of FACT. I won’t back down. I’ll be posting on my personal account for the time being. Please Retweet this message and follow me -> . Big Tech must be held accountable!

  4. Tucker: 2.9 million viewers CNN/Biden town hall: 1.16 million “Most Popular President Ever”

  5. The left wing media and the Democrats might not like what I said today, but I stand by it 100% & I’ll say it again: The Jan 6 select committee is engaged in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL political investigation. A SHAM investigation. Conducted by a SHAM committee. I won’t back down!

  6. On my way to DC, I plan on complying with the mask mandates the same way King Biden did!

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