1. P.S. Carol Mici, who wrote this memo, makes $169,371 a year. We'll be talking about this on my show today.

  2. This memo is from January, and according to sources, after multiple cons got the jab, reneged on the deal for the extra 7.5 Earned Good Time (EGT) days off. So this is the policy of : Inmates si, cops no!

  3. BREAKING.... The MA Department of Correction, which is denying religious/medical exemptions to correctional officers (guards) and getting ready to fire scores if not hundreds of them, offered to release jailbirds early if they'd get the jab!

  4. So much for "having their back," as Polito says below -- 24 hours before stabbing them in the back.   Remember what said on my show about : "He's a phony."   Is he ever! And so is Karyn.

  5. 3/3: These "blunderers" (SPAM's apt phrase) are turning down troopers with Bell's palsy, heart conditions. One's in a coma at MGH after taking the job, another (whom knows!) had a stroke after taking the shots last winter....   Why can't they take weekly test?

  6. 2/3: "I'm going to lose my career, my income and my home. I'll lose health insurance for my family. The thing that keeps me up at night, the thought that keeps repeating in my head in the wee-hours is, 'I voted for this guy.'"

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