1. "I am deeply disturbed by the latest reports of rampant abuse, torture, sexual violence and extortion of migrants in Libya, many from sub-Saharan Africa."

  2. BTW I have great respect for journalists (including many reporters at the StarTribune). But I will not stand by while an (overwhelmingly white and male) editorial board continues to use divide and conquer tactics against communities of color in our city.

  3. Nearly 30 million children rely on the National School Lunch Program to stay fed every day. This School Lunch Week, I'm proud to be a cosponsor of 's Universal School Meals Program Act to ensure that no child goes hungry, no matter what.

  4. Being homeless shouldn't be a crime.    As LA City Attorney, I will bring a progressive, holistic approach to our homelessness crisis — one that prioritizes long-term solutions like permanent housing and supportive services over incarceration.

  5. Horrified by the news out of Beirut. The crisis in Lebanon is an avoidable tragedy, and the United States must do its part to reduce tensions and help end this unprecedented economic crisis.

  6. The President asked the Education Dept. to review his authority to cancel student debt more than six months ago. It's time for him to give the American people the answer. Proud to have lead this letter demanding answers:

  7. Debating public safety, Reverend McAfee says that Derek Chauvin was created by the mayor and city council, and that Rondo never would have let it happen. Friends, Rondo has been chief since 2017 and was appointed by the mayor before this one.

  8. Minneapolis uses a voting system called Ranked Choice Voting. It can be a little confusing if you aren't familiar with it. Here's a guide on how RCV works, and a sample ballot to help you fill in your own.

  9. Minneapolis will have the chance to vote on a number of crucially important amendments to our city's charter. I strongly support both the public safety and rent stabilization amendments. VOTE YES ON QUESTIONS 2 AND 3!

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