1. So Iโ€™ve just had to wait 35 minutes for a ยฃ14 order at - Wetherby Servicesโ€ฆ Why you ask? Well, the man ahead of me ordered 67 portions of chips. SIXTY-SEVEN. I wanna know what heโ€™s up to tonight.

  2. Mitoma is going to Brighton and then on loan to the Belgian side Union SG until he can get enough GBE points . Heโ€™s is in the Olympic squad so nothing going to be finalised until he leaves for health check in the UK after the Olympics & couldnโ€™t start for Celtic under GBE rules.

  3. The waiting is almost over. It's time for the players to step up, and for fans to bring the noise. What a Euros, what a final we have in store, savour every second.

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