1. Bisping has a tendency to get really preachy and goes in these tangents of lecturing fighters on what they’re doing wrong and sometimes he just doesn’t let it go and keeps bitching and bitching and it gets brutal to listen to.

  2. If was at a arena somewhere across the country or overseas like they normally operate (pre COVID) do you think they could get away with it? I honestly don’t think they’d put butts in seats with this card. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Total bullshit. I feel bad for Loopy who won that didn’t no matter what the judges say. None of Carolinas strikes were very effective and most didn’t land. Loopy for sure had the biggest moments on the feet&she also almost submitted her. That shit is criminal.

  4. I can’t believe Anthony is still out there especially after that blunder at the end of the 2nd. What’s it going to take for Mario to make the switch!? Anthony has EXACTLY the same issues as Jalen Hurts. I feel like I’m reliving last night.

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