1. I had a partner for 3 1/2 years, a year ago we became life partners. He didn't use social media. He was a brilliant, successful engineer. He didn't battle mental health problems until a month before he took his own life. Suddenly, he is gone. I am completely broken and empty.

  2. Got little cone boy home from his surgery last night and officially notified the shelter I'm planning on adopting him. Name ideas brewing are Pan/Pantalaimon (from His Dark Materials books) or Bo.

  3. They are skinny, a little dehydrated, and have fleas. But they are big sweeties and will be zoomin' in no time! Thank you to EVERYONE who cares about animals and takes the extra time and effort to ensure they are taken care of. 💗

  4. Shout-out to , an old Twitch follower from way back in the day (who happens to live close), for getting ahold of me when his buddy found 2 abandoned kittens. They are CUTIE CUTIE and now I have SEVEN foster kittens in my house!! 😻

  5. Having the realization that living alone means there's nothing to stop me from getting AS MANY CATS AS I WANT!? Before, in my partnership, we agreed on 2-3 and that seemed perfectly wonderful to me. But now...

  6. PSA: The Lord of the Rings trilogy narrated by Andy Serkis was recently released on Audible.. .. and it is quite.. scintillating...

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