1. so like imagine your mate is like YO I WORK AT THIS CLUB I CAN GET US IN but the bouncers are like nah fam u can't get in it's packed and then i'm all like yo i recognize that bouncer mate you snogged my mum they all laugh and thEN WE ALL GET IN FREE ENTRY thanks mum

  2. Had a nap on the beach today I got too close to the water Soggy leg uh It was v cold Im still resting up but kewo is getting much better damn tho my hair looks sick oh my god

  3. Kewo is feeling much better still not over it but oh boy do i feel somewhat normal this is nice thenk you for your patience the last few months have been hot trash but it ok we're still kicking i appreciate thenk u for listen ted talk xoxo

  4. Still super woozy I'll return streams when not sick as anything poor kewo I'm adorable and snotty so snotty also be kind to the NP folks- I still like the community. Geez.

  5. No stream tonight. Being sick, stalked and now demoted from an RP job due to inactivity because of the last two problems and burn out? I'll be honest I ain't got it in me SOZ but that fucking sucks

  6. also Lauren just got demoted to officer I'm starting to actually believe my anxieties about NP PD were very valid. put in a couple thousand hours - get cucked out of everything, get burnt out and lose out on more opportunities because i'm not around top fucking kek

  7. i'm still feeling pretty darn drained i NEED to rest i'm not 18 anymore my body is all sorts of fricked up ... gosh darnit i'm a mESS i'll stream soon i promise i do have my laptop with me maybe later? doubtful but it's a nice thought be cOOL

  8. FINALLY full vaxxed after months of cancellations and being faffed around I'm already a tad sick so I'm just going to chill recover and let my body harness my new 5g abilities also Hollow Knight Oh god I'm not alright

  9. kewo gonna eat and install It Takes Two for late night It Takes Two stream wow cute v excited ok cool but later for now i must install and maybe nap we'll see i'll let you know smile

  10. kewo isn't feeling too great but it do mean we aren't leaving the house so i'm gonna try and get a cheeky stream in might as well try knock off Lauren's mandatory 4 hours smile soon-ish i guess

  11. kewo is a little bit sick and was up all night with a sore throat i'm gonna be resting up today buuuuuuuuuuut tomorrow is uh tomorrow we do some MonHun Rise (ya girl got an STREAM YO WE NEVER DO THAT) so that's pretty neat i really gotta rest

  12. It may not be the 10th in America but it is in Australia and my heart hurts. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year. I miss him so much every day and think about him often. Gone but never forgotten! I love you Mitch aka ! Forever our Grub! πŸ’šπŸ₯Ί

  13. kewo has a v busy weekend am sorry don't mean to be bad streamer i try be better but mum said i could have friends over to play gamecube so ... i gotta play gamecube xoxo

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