1. ⚠️PIXEL ART ANIMATORS⚠️ I'm looking to assemble a team to work on Arcus Chroma, a colorful 2D fighting game. Skills required: - Can animate characters - Can animate VFX Share your work in a reply to this. DO NOT DM ME. Feel free to tag animators. Retweets are appreciate❤

  2. Fully done Castlevania 64! We got a bunch of different endings crammed into the last episode! We will do Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, but to be transparent it will not be this October.

  3. NEW EXCITING LEAK It appears that NetherRealm (the folks behind Mortal Kombat) are going to make their own platform fighter featuring a Warner Brothers cast! The characters that are apparently confirmed are - Shaggy - Gandalf - Tom & Jerry - Batman - Fred Flinstone - Mad Max

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