1. “The workplace is the most important environment to discuss mental health and illness, yet it’s the last place we expect to hear about it.” Here are 3 ways to advocate for your employees' mental health.

  2. "The most important thing is having a support system and being able to talk to somebody — whether that's a physical therapist, psychologist, family member, friend, or journaling." shares her mental health tips.

  3. "Accepting my bipolar diagnosis & finally taking control of my disorder caused a ripple effect within my relationships. They’re more stable, connected, & most of all safe. Within this acceptance, I’ve learned a lot of things to help strengthen them."

  4. Watch our latest YouTube video "Shanee Frazier: The Journey To Bring Faith & Mental Health Into Harmony." In this video she shares how she learned to embrace her faith as part of her mental health recovery for bipolar II.

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