1. Last night, officers from District 4 noticed a man attempting to gain access to the subway system by showing a fake badge, and quickly made a stop. Upon searching him, they discovered he was in possession of this air pistol, knife, handcuffs and bulletproof vest.

  2. As part of our efforts to curb lushworkers from preying on nighttime riders, this District 32 team was on train patrol at 2 am when they heard a commotion & swooped in to arrest a wanted robbery suspect committing yet another robbery. Outstanding & impactful apprehension!

  3. 🚨WANTED for ASSAULT: Know these guys? On 10/22/21 at approx. 6:45 PM, inside of 250 E Gun Hill Rd in the Bronx, two unknown male suspects shot a 22-year-old male in the stomach and leg before fleeing north towards Kings College Place. Any info? DM or call 800-577-TIPS.

  4. Thanks to the sharp eyes of our Transit intel officers, a man who picked the pocket of an elderly victim didn’t get far. The man was nabbed by our District 2 team as he was attempting to make a purchase using the victim’s credit card. Great job!

  5. Field Intelligence & Public Safety Officers from the recently executed a search warrant & recovered this illegal handgun with two high-capacity magazines. Thanks to phenomenal investigative work by our officers, two individuals were arrested for this weapon.

  6. After shots rang out last night on Manhattan’s , cops spotted a suspect — taking him & this illegal gun into custody. The offender, recently shot in the same neighborhood, is also on probation for drug sales. These are cycles of violence that must be interrupted.

  7. Today, at approximately 1:30 pm , 2 F-18 Jets will be conducting a flyover on the Hudson River from the Verrazzano Bridge towards the Mario Cuomo Bridge. The aircraft will fly at approximately 2,500 feet.

  8. 🚨WANTED for ROBBERY: On 9/12, a 31-year-old taxi driver picked up a male at 125 St & Lenox Ave in Harlem. The suspect then displayed a gun, removes $70, an iPhone & transferred $1,000 out of an application on the victims phone. Have info? DM , or ☎️ 800-577-TIPS.

  9. 🚨WANTED for ROBBERY: On 10/19 at 3 pm, two suspects followed a 33-year-old man into the Bank of America located at 36 E 14 St. They then pushed the victim while he was using the ATM, & withdrew approx. $123 from his account. Any info? DM , or call them at 800-577-TIPS.

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