1. This year was a mess betting wise with the whole covid madness. I feel like it added an extra unknown factor. Also had one of my worst cold streaks since I started betting on MMA almost 10 years ago. Despite this we still profited 57 units. That's 4/4 tracked years in the green.

  2. Jiří Procházka is 28-3 with a 96% finishing rate, hasn't lost since 2015 and is on a 10 fight KO/TKO win streak. He's also only 29 years old. This man is a problem.

  3. MVP sucks balls, his style is tailor-made for crushing cans. Of course, he gets the split in London... Also, on another note, I scored the main event 3-2 for Morgan Charriere, but it was one hell of a fight, way better than .

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