1. Postgame: “Kirk, can you assess whether any Purdue players were on the ground too long?”

  2. Steelers activate Zach Banner from IR and place JuJu on IR. It’s unknown if Banner will start Sunday night. I know I would start him at RT.

  3. Just taking a quick glance at college football scores - is anyone besides Georgia and Cincinnati actually good this year?

  4. We broke so many records in 2020 that there was only one thing to do in 2021... ... Break them all again. 🏆 Thank you to EVERYONE who played at in 2021. You helped us achieve heights we genuinely didn't know were possible. Let's do it again In 2022. 👌

  5. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 20-6 since Brady signed here. 20 AND 6. YES. SIX. LOSSES. 2 seasons, including 4 post season games. If you’re an OG Bucs fan this is just mind blowing to process… We’re used to losing 6 games before the bye week... What a time in Bucs history

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