1. Darkwood VODs are uploaded but for some reason one of them isn't in 60fps 🤔 I feel like it's fully processed but I may have to upload and try it again. I'll give it a bit. If it clears up then I'll release them tonight.

  2. I think that after all the Breath of the Wild uploading and organizing I may be bringing back the Master Mode No Fast Travel playthrough tonight 🤔 I don't know if it'll scratch the itch leading up to BotW2 but I'm craving it.

  3. Thx everyone for the help. I'm also very tempted to use this to edit out breaks as well for the VODs, but that means that playthroughs like BotW where I basically started on gameplay would suddenly need individual edits. So I think I'll leave them in to keep hassle to a minimum

  4. The VODs are anywhere from 6hr to 10+ hrs. I'm not looking into rendering those, and I was gonna just upload them as-is but I'm already getting seemingly false copyright claims for the intro bits where it's just music playing. A quick-trim solution would save me lots of headache

  5. Anyone know of a simple way to trim the beginning of a multi-hour long video (too long for YouTube's super useful "Trimming" tool...) without having to put it into editing software and render it? Literally just wanting to snip off the beginning of these Darkwood VODs...

  6. It's also possible I was playing off-stream, but looking at the end of Stream 29's VOD, I feel like I remember that in particular because it was the last bit I had before Twitch auto-deleted some of the playthrough. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be much. Still annoying.

  7. So it was brought to my attention that there seems to be a gap in my Breath of the Wild playthrough. I think it's nothing but random exploration, but some shrine shenanigans may be lost 😭 Seems as if there's a significant jump in heart count from Stream 29 to Stream 30 ;__;

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