1. My wife was chatting with another soccer mom who told her that in her daughter’s class, there are 8 girls. Five of the girls have declared that they are gay, LGBTQ, pansexual, or transgender. The daughter who is straight was told that it must suck for her to be straight.

  2. What matters with dog experimentations is the US Govt is using taxpayer funds to conduct gruesome, morally reprehensible and medically useless experiments on canines. Liberals seem desperate to claim it's not Fauci's fault - just the agencies he controls - but that's secondary.

  3. I didn't celebrate their deplatforming because I knew they would get restored within 2 hours, because they are the establishment, and that's exactly what happened.

  4. Beyond celebrate, they actively lobby for your deplatforming, yet as soon as they get in a spot of bother, you genuflect & cuck like little bitches. This is why you're losers.

  5. Novara (left-wing) got deleted & restored on YouTube within 2 hours. Meanwhile, a deluge of "conservatives" rushed to their defense. Novara Media repeatedly campaigned for deplatforming conservatives. If you got banned, they'd laugh & celebrate. Why are you defending them?

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