1. Arlovski is really making Felipe look a fool. Making him miss, popping shots in, dancing circles around him, etc. It’s really hard to have crowd pleasing defense in MMA but Arlovski is doing it.

  2. All that Jim Miller’s long career talk and in walks Andrew Arlovski in his 54th pro fight in his fourth decade of fighting.

  3. It’s one thing for low-damage grapplers like a Randy Couture or Demian Maia to have long careers. But Jim Miller is an all-action fighter with dozens of wars to his name and still has 50 fights and scorches newbies. Just a legend.

  4. Jim Miller has so many veteran tricks to win this fight but Erick Gonzalez is younger and more durable. And that basically sums up every Jim Miller fight from now on.

  5. You just can’t chain wrestle that hard for two rounds and be fresh in the third. What a comeback by Bruno Silva.

  6. Davis in a right handed stance, Danaa’s overhand rights didn’t miss. David in a left handed stance, Danaa’s overhand lefts didn’t miss. Danaa’s team did their homework.

  7. If you put Gleason Tibau’s head on Ariane Carnelossi’s body I don’t know if I could tell the difference.

  8. Lord I hope Jon Gruden sues the NFL. Not because he's innocent or to right a wrong, but because I want the lawsuit to get to the discovery phase and make sure the other 649,996 emails see the light of day.

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