1. Me to me: Might not be a smart idea to apply for the Zomato IPO, the numbers aren't convincing enuf Also me to me: What a great day for Indian start ups, I wanna show my support.. I'm gonna apply. ♥️ You go !! 💪🏼 ???

  2. My biggest investment - Sleep. 10+ hours of sleep & waking up naturally, really does wonders! 😴

  3. For the longest time people have looked down on the Harry Potter series for not providing any intellectual value but it's amazing what fiction books can do to boost your EQ! 🧹⚡ Fiction books = higher EQ + scope for a broader mind.

  4. Bruno Mars's lazy song got nothing on my Sunday lazy personality. Successfully slept for 12 hours, aim is 15 hours now.

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