1. Yes, there is a bitcoin revolution but there is a digital asset revolution going on that is beyond incredible. It is very early days, like BTC in 2013, but it's happening. Some will be on the BTC blockchain but the vast majority will not be. 1/

  2. But digital assets and exponential age are the best opportunity we have ever been given AND they counteract the central banks printing of 15% a year. Gold just about works to protect wealth it not to grow it. Be less skeptical, seek returns and seek the future. Change is good

  3. That doesn’t make more tradition investment nullified but it makes them so much less interesting from a risk reward perspective. E.g Bonds can work over shorter term or trading FX but available alpha per unit of risk is massively suboptimal over extended time periods.

  4. You can bet with them or you can write them off as fools. But do you want to get against; Soros, Tiger, Moore Capital, Tudor, Brevan Howard, Balyasni, Etc. They are all involved as are many more from the Gov of Singapore to Abu Dhabi.

  5. If it’s of any help to those that feel like they don’t trust this new world, I am blessed to have as friends many of the worlds most famous and successful investors and a huge percentage have moved to a hybrid of traditional strategies plus Exponential Age tech plus crypto.

  6. Final thought for a Friday night: You can be angry at central banks, government, debt, demographics or politics and how it affects us all or you can be optimistic and migrate to the new world of digital assets. The choice is yours.

  7. Let’s all play our part, build businesses, create opportunities and over time we will change the world. There is plenty of time to sleep when we are dead! Too much to do! More to come …

  8. There is another project I’m a founder of that will tokenise the worlds biggest existing communities but cant share more info yet but it’s big news and has a ludicrous list of investors.

  9. Sadly that is currently only for HNW and institutions as laws make it hard for normal people. That launches very soon and solves some big issues for crypto hedge funds, family offices, investors and institutions.

  10. I’m working on getting RV into that world over time. So much cool shit in our plans! But I’m working on setting up some other projects too. Hedge funds in crypto produce amazing alpha but are capital starved. I’m going to solve that with a crypto fund of funds.

  11. If you don’t see by now that the tokenization of everything is the biggest thing we have ever seen and will ever see, I cant help you as much. It dwarfs all other opportunities for risk reward over time. Web 3.0 is something few yet understand but will change business forever. 1/

  12. You know someone should start a DeFi DAO that arbs BTC futures and shares it with token holders as a yield generator. Then everyone can participate.

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