1. We strive to provide the most advanced technology, while remaining affordable. We use the latest CT technology available, and are able to deliver outstanding image quality while achieving a 50-80% reduced radiation dose! Ask your doctor about your options, and request SimonMed!💙

  2. Sept. is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. A proclamation made this year! Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in women in the US. Symptoms include persistent bloating, pelvic/abdominal pain, difficulty eating, feeling full quickly and frequent urination.

  3. Head into the weekend with a healthy mindset! 📓Journal/Brain Dump - write things down! 👀Review Your Goals Daily - prioritize! 🕒Time Block Your Schedule 🧠Mindset Check-In - check in with yourself! 📵Limit time on social media - set healthy boundaries! Enjoy your weekend! 🤓

  4. Studies do suggest that diet may help prevent prostate cancer. According to John Hopkins Medicine, men should look into the following and talk to their doc! 👇Reduce fat intake. Eat less trans/saturated fats 🥦Eat more fruits/veggies 🍵Add green tea/soy 🥩Avoid charred meat

  5. The first patient brain-scan done through CT scanning was performed in 1971. Today, there are over 78 million CT procedures performed annually. Technology has become more advanced over time, and we are proud to offer advanced technology while keeping exam costs affordable. 💙

  6. It's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure the men in your life understand the symptoms that may be warnings of prostate cancer. ▶️Trouble urinating ▶️Decreased force in the stream of urine ▶️Blood in urine ▶️Blood in semen ▶️Bone pain ▶️Losing weight ▶️Erectile dysfunction

  7. Not all medical imaging places are alike! While your doctor has to order a medical imaging exam for you, you do have a choice when it comes to your medical imaging, so ask your doctor for SimonMed! Here's what sets SimonMed apart from other imaging facilities! 🤓

  8. Absolutely! Regularly examining your breasts on your own can be an important way to find breast cancer early, when it’s more likely to be treated successfully. Breast self-exams in combination with other screening methods can increase the odds of early detection! 💗

  9. A view inside the body that can save lives! Adding whole body MRI screening to an annual physical can detect previously undetected cancers, cardiovascular disease, liver/blood vessel disorders, and other diseases before it’s too late. Exam time is only 15-45 min! Schedule today!

  10. This weeks location feature is in sunny Southern California! With EIGHT locations available across SoCal, we offer: ✔️Comprehensive services ✔️Convenient locations that are easy to get in and out of ✔️Advanced technology ✔️Lower Cost ✔️Personalized Care ✔️Customized Reporting

  11. Medical imaging helps you & your doctor to: 👍Non-invasively/painlessly help to diagnose disease/monitor therapy 👍Support medical/surgical treatment planning 👍Guide medical personnel as they insert catheters, stents, or other devices inside the body, treat tumors, etc.

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