1. Need something to do while you await company announcements, videos and other info? Idea care of a buddy investor... If ya make an aitx-themed pumpkin carving, tweet it and tag me I may reach out for a mailing address to send you some merch! Fun! Let's make it a great day!

  2. Fired up for today and this week 😃🙃. New sr sales leader starts today (he was undercover at the REX event last week), Q likely out tomorrow and 🙏🙏🙏we'll see about other goodness that could happen over the next few days. Let's make it a great day!!!

  3. ROAMEO 2.0 is brilliant. Our collaboration with is going to be a big part of the security revolution. Incredible times. Thank you to our team, our partners, our investors and all our fans!!! More details to be released over the next few days/weeks/months!

  4. I knew what we were going to release was big but WOW WOW WOW. Industry & market response has been outstanding and it's barely fresh off the press! New devices are stunning as promised! RAD Lite My Way will get big attention and deployments. Continued

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