1. i think we might try to make this a regular thing on stream if i order food. such a good feeling to make someones day :)

  2. Ordered Dominos on stream last night. I told chat any money I got through subs 2 minutes before I put in my order I would leave as a tip. Chat tipped $72 to the driver and she wanted to come on stream to say thanks

  3. but ill never be guilty of being too big of a bitch to speak my mind and putting my effort where i think it matters, which is not catering to the people who do anything in their power to hate me or my content/work

  4. creators for having an opinion or speaking their mind on something that they care about. clowning on people you've never spent time with or ever visited their stream and judging them is incredibly ignorant. yeah i bitch a lot and am guilty of being ignorant as well

  5. anybody who has invalidated the work i/other creators put into destiny 2 content creation on the DTG reddit can suck my cock. y'all wonder why mental health is such an issue with this job while ignoring/dismissing one of the most obvious problems which is personally attacking

  6. For bungie. I don’t want the game to be making me pay more money for no real reason either. It sucks. Stop twisting your own narratives to fit your need to feel right in a Twitter argument

  7. Some of y’all wonder why content creators in the d2 space don’t give their opinions on Twitter anymore. I wasn’t even specifically talking about d2 and I’m getting crucified and my words twisted for pointing out that this isn’t an unusual business tactic for games, especially

  8. No stream tonight, mentally and emotionally fried. I will see y'all tomorrow

  9. If you genuinely think f2p games are built on giving you the best/new content actually for free you are beyond ignorant and need to take a business class, and yes, this is coming from someone who dropped out of school. Grow up

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