1. So after watching game the past few days on twitch, what do you guys think of it? What would your most important improvements be? Mine would be movement & shooting. Maybe something like Apex, but with current stamina level doubled.

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  3. Absolutely despawned from Twitch for a week. I've really enjoyed spending time away but equally missed talking to my buds each day. Thanks for affording me some time to rest up & reset, back on Monday. 💪

  4. Watched a Documentary about gambling last night. It was about Paul Merson (ex pro footballer). I implore people at to watch that show, & have a think about what you're doing. If you're a streamer who promotes that stuff have a look at yourself. Fuck that shit.

  5. Taking this week off. Got to fix up the house for winter & do some stuff in the baby's room. This has made me realise I am utterly rubbish at anything DIY. When exactly do men learn this? You guys do this shit in school on a day I was sick or something? 🤔

  6. We don’t know who needs to hear it, but here is your reminder that struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing. Take each day as it comes and avoid putting a scale on how big or small a step forward is, any step forward is one into a better you 💛

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