1. Folks on the street are being promised that they will be connected to permanent housing if they clear the streets now, and enter a Project Roomkey Site. 3/9

  2. (Video Part 2) LAHSA workers are doing outreach around the city, delivering these promises which originated from the Mayor’s office last year at the inception of Project Roomkey, with no ability to follow through. 2/9

  3. Rain is one of difficultly for me. It was a uneasy balance of staying dry, staying warm. I would go to the library and come back and my bedding was gone. I would juggle keeping my spot but BID and police would harass me.

  4. Once I left work early to go to the ER b/c I thought I was dying, had an emergency appendectomy, and then got a call asking if I could come in two days later to move boxes. I also had to submit all my hospital paperwork in case I was lying about my surgery 🙃

  5. Seeing all these awful text screenshots of managers demanding workers come in on their days off brings back some serious retail trauma.

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